SOFI confectionery products are made of flour, butter and sugar of the top grade with addition of spices!

Decorated gingerbread cookies 

Our gingerbread cookies are decorated with sugar icing. This is 100% handmade! The SOFI Studio confectioners create small gifts from gingerbread dough, as well as sweet masterpieces of gingerbread art - gingerbread palaces and compositions.

Ingredients: wheat flour; white sugar; honey; butter; chicken egg; baking powder, cocoa powder; ginger ground; cinnamon powder; vanillin; powdered sugar; dry egg white; water; artificial food colorings or natural colorigs (upon request).

Gingerbread cookies "photo printing"

Logo & photo sweets. Just send us your photo!

- fresh baked gingerbread cookies

- topped with sweet icing

- created with custom shape

- individually wrapped

Ingredients: wheat flour; white sugar; honey; butter; chicken egg; baking powder, cocoa powder; ginger ground; cinnamon powder; vanillin; powdered sugar; dry egg white; water; artificial food colorings or natural colorigs (upon request).


Display boxes for retail stores

- display box for gingerbread cookies (280*120*190; 280*140*190см)
- display box for gingerbread cookies on stick (15 pieces)
- display box for gingerbread for lollipops (20 pieces)
- display box for gingerbread houses (1 house)
- display box for cake pops (20 cake popses)






About us 

SOFI Confectionery producing decorated gingerbread cookies and sweets

We are happy to tell you about our product - handmade decorated cookies - a unique product!
 Founded in 2010, we produce an extensive range of handmade baked goods and sweet treats. 

About our product:  
We use natural ingredients, such as natural food coloring, high quality flour, real honey, butter and spices.
We create a wide variety of handmade products: gingerbread cookies, honey cookies, choco cookies, vanilla cookies, lollipops, gingerbread creative sets, gingerbread houses.
Before each holiday we release a new collection of gingerbread, for example, for Christmas, for Easter. 

And there is also a children's collection! We can even produce an exclusive collection at customer’s request.
Honey gingerbread is good to display at the checkout or cashier area, pallet display, cardboard display stands and horizontal display on shelves. It is also suitable for vertical placement on pegwalls. Gingerbread cookies are delivered in colorful branded show-boxes of 10 pieces. Product packaging can be done in your language.

Terms of Delivery:  
We usually work on EXW terms and we guarantee the lowest prices for our goods with EXW delivery. If you are interested in other terms, then we are ready to discuss this and find the most profitable option for both parties.

Partners and distribution
The SOFI cookies have been manufactured since 2010. 

We officially sell SOFI cookies in Germany and in Walmart USA.

Certifications and standards:  
Our factory is certified according to international standards FSSC 22000 v5.0 and FDA. 

SOFI gingerbread and candies have successfully passed laboratory tests in Germany.
All products meet the quality standards of the European Union, the USA and Canada.

We value stable, reliable and long-term partnerships!

SOFI is a creative  workshop

SOFI Gingerbread confectionery Studio is a unique creative workshop where sweets of the highest quality are crafted – decorated honey gingerbread cookies, candy bars and hard candy handmade by a team of professionals: bakers, confectioners, candy-makers and artists. 


SOFI – the art of making gifts

The pastry chefs at the SOFI studio bake and decorate gingerbread by hand only. We continuously develop and maintain the best traditions of the confectionery industry in Russia, preserve and develop traditions of handicrafts, and at the same time revive folk crafts in confectionery. In the process of manufacturing we use only fresh ingredients of high quality in unique combinations. 

SOFI – the secret of success

The recipes of our gingerbread cookies are based on ancient traditions and appropriately complemented by the secrets of European pastry masters, while generous amounts of honey and spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, cocoa and so on, give our gingerbread that unique chocolate colour, a festive flavour, and a tender texture. SOFI gingerbread cookie is the best product of the year. Gold medal!

Happy to answer your questions!

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